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Typhoonix believes that business requirements needs to be correctly defined before the technology is chosen to solve any problem. There are numerous studies and statistics available that shows many of the IT projects fail due to various reasons, which includes incorrect requirements, improper planning, uncalculated risks, poor quality of the deliverable, and users not accepting or comfortable with the change.

Get Typhoonix involved early in the project as we can help our clients on appdev, process improvement, and business transformation  projects from initiation to completion. 

  • Discovering Pain Points

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Business Requirements Document (BRD)

  • Process Improvement

  • Business Process Mapping (As-Is / To-Be)

  • Test Cases and Manual Testing

  • Facilitation of User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Project Management (Initiation to Closure)

  • Training Materials and Help Facilitate Training

  • Change Management


Helping Our Client's Succeed, That's What We Do

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